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Thanks for visiting Seems Like Yesterday Entertainment Productions. We have some cool stuff for you here. You can listen to original music from artists like Matthew Campbell and MINDSTREAM. Maybe watch a video of those artists performing. Look at some pictures of resident DJ Sly doin' his thing. You can find out about booking any of the arists. You can also see where our artists are performing next. Stick around.

Matthew Campbell

Matthew is busy performing as a solo entertainer. His focus is on writing meaningful songs and performing live. He pleases the crowd with his strong vocal ability, sing-along songs, audience participation, improvised saxophone solos, and wireless sax microphone for serenading the ladies and leading conga lines. Instrumental jamming is another spontaneous and fun element he incorporates into his show.

DJ Sly

Sly has amassed a giant collection of music, ranging from Big Band to Top 40! He is excellent at reading a crowd to play the perfect mix of music for any event. Sly engages the audience with their requests and trivia about the music.


With influences from traditional spiritual music, blues, Indian devotional music, and rock, Mellify has a unique and modern sound. Featuring acoustic guitar and bass, husband and wife duo Matthew and Rebecca Campbell aim to promote oneness and spiritual freedom with their music.



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